Welcome to the University of Indianapolis!
We are very excited that you are set to join the UIndy Class of 2022! Now that you are enrolled and making preparations for the fall, it's time to start thinking about getting involved. Like through our newest mentoring programs on campus, Project Regalia! 
Project Regalia was founded on the following vision: 
We envision that African-American women, who enroll at the University of Indianapolis, graduate with an ingrained sense of community and connectedness to the university and other African-American female graduates. That each woman is empowered with the Authentic Authority to be uniquely themselves, while empowering their peers to do the same. 
Our mentors come from different departments around the UIndy community with the goal of carrying out the Project Regalia vision. Our mentors are trained to help support our students’ navigation of the college landscape. This is done through our three founding pillars: Engage. Motivate. Graduate.
We hope that after learning about this phenomenal program you will want to join this unique community and sisterhood. We invite you to complete this form at http://www.projectregalia.org/contact-us if you are interested in learning more about our program. 
Please look for us in our grey shirts during New Hounds Day or during Welcome Week at the UIndy Life Expo on August 25th. We look forward to welcoming you and learning more about your aspirations and how we can support you! Please feel free to contact our advisors or E-Board with any questions about Project Regalia or UIndy find our contact information at the link below. 
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